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Автор Тема: My kittens aren't growing... ???  (Прочитано 50 раз)

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Оффлайн Braxton

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My kittens aren't growing... ???
« : 16 Мая 2018, 14:04:59 »

So I got my 3 furry terrors when they were about 6 weeks old. They eat like pigs (both messy and volume of food), run around fighting each other and various invisible foes. It's quite cute really. But they are now about 10 weeks old and they are still the same size as before. Only the female has put on any weight. The other two from that litter are still at my parents' place with access to their mother, and they are significantly larger than my "kids". I'm feeding them kitten formulated food, water, and soft kitten food and treats. But they aren't getting any bigger. I'm going to start feeding them dried milk instead of water soon.Is it because I took them away too soon? Other than their size they are perfectly healthy, flea free now, and are heading for their second round of shots. Am I worrying too much?

Please help.

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