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Автор Тема: Backyard Breeders - Cat Buyer Guide  (Прочитано 3828 раз)

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Backyard Breeders - Cat Buyer Guide
« : 26 Июнь 2018, 10:13:33 »

I'm posting this info to educate us all with regard to backyard breeders. It's most unfortunate, that both recently and in the past, some of our forum members may have "fallen prey" to backyard breeders. First and foremost, it's very unfortunate for the kittens born to these "breeders" - they can have lifelong problems for themselves and, in turn, their purrents. The opportunity to purchase a kitten for an inexpensive price is enticing, but in the grand scheme of things will undoubtedly end up being more expensive - both financially and emotionally.
While it is possible (on occasion) to purchase a kitten/cat relatively "cheap" from a reputable/responsible breeder, this is not the norm. Some breeders who have decided to get out of breeding may sell at reduced prices, but their cats/kittens are healthy, well cared for, well socialized, etc.

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